Brand identity BNNVARA

BNNVARA is one of the major television broadcasting companies in the Netherlands. Being a merger between the young and rebellious BNN on the one side and the more traditional ‘left wing’ VARA on the other, BNNVARA is an important content provider for more progressive viewers of the nation. BNNVARA is a cross media platform active on TV, Radio and various digital platforms such as their homepage, YouTube Channels, and social media pages.

We were asked to develop a new visual identity, based on their new brand story and strategy, which resulted in the internal MTP (massive transformative purpose):
Explore, reveal, unleash


Our aim was to highlight the attitude that unites the two organisations, being their recognizable rebellious character as well as their sophisticated way of communicating to their audience. As the BNNVARA identity will live on various platforms we included motion, and sonic from the beginning of development. Approaching the identity as a Living Brand designed for the senses.

The fact that today’s viewers demand content to be available anytime, anywhere and on every imaginable device, led us to our main challenge: how do we tie all these ways of experiencing BNNVARA content together?

Our solution: the BNNVARA Ecosystem


A dynamic, never-ending landscape that visualizes all content that continuously takes place within the BNNVARA framework. A system that allows the BNNVARA content to look the same whether you watch it on your phone, tablet or television.


Ecosystem expressions


The logo was set out to be iconic, clean and flexible.
For a brand which main purpose is to deliver high quality content to its audience, what would be a better symbol to use than the internationally recognized icon for ‘content’ (online widely adapted as the so called ‘hamburger menu’)? To claim that symbol in the Dutch media landscape is simply a demonstration of the rebelliousness and guts of BNNVARA.


Brand expressions

As the identity will mostly live on screen its motion behaviour as well as sonic identity was essential and a crucial part of the entire creation process. We created three different variations for the three channels that are part of BNNVARA each clearly belonging to the same family but also distinctly reflecting the content on each particular channel, and varying from a higher emphasis on being rebellious for younger content to emphasis on revelation for more serious content e.g. news related. Sonic is the perfect opportunity to connect with the audience on an emotional level and give the broadcasters’ sophisticated rebel mentality depth. We created a singular accessible and recognizable sound by giving it a distinctive character.



The new BNNVARA identity was launched in Hilversum, August 2017.

BNNVARA CEO Gerard Timmer:

“It is BNNVARA’s ambition to be the leading progressive media brand of the Netherlands. Dog and Pony developed a clear, dynamic and applicable concept that struck us immediately in the first presentation. When working together from concept to actual visual identity, we have experienced smooth and effective teamwork, and they translated the values and identity of this new media brand to a visual language that allows us to realize our ambitions for the future.”


Launch (© Paco Nunez)

Big thanks to our partners in crime: Bart Heideman, Addikt and MethodAudio.


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