Channel rebranding

One of The Netherlands major TV channels Nederland 3 asked us to develop a new strategy and creative concept. The rebranding was nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Design at the ADCN Awards 2014.

The case video


Nederland 3 focuses on true stories featuring real people. It’s an innovative channel that shows things for what they are and reveals how they could be. Its voice is without prejudice in unconventional and surprising ways. Its goal is to encourage viewers to change the way they look at the world… the more you see of the world, the better you will understand it. Hence Nederland 3s new slogan: ‘Anders kijken, meer zien’, which translates to ‘Look differently, see more.

Our challenge was to find a way to refresh the channel based on the heritage of the previous styling and literally show more in different ways. Our solution was a dynamic grid based on the logo shape in which more views and different perspectives could be visualized in a dynamic lens framework. Just like Nederland 3, it pushes boundaries, experiments, zooms, delays and shifts focus.


Ident Penoza


Ident Lowlands


Ident Keuringsdienst van waarde


Ident Atlas


The grid also determines the promo package we developed for the channel, a modular system that could incorporate any piece of content, so every second of an evening’s programming could be displayed from start to finish. The grid brings to life what’s at the heart of Nederland 3: the more people see of the world, the better they understand it. Different perspectives, innovative programming, captivating viewing, all in one place.


Themed endcart


Promo Packaging


Technical interuption


A big thanks to our friends at Woodwork Amsterdam and Massive Music.
We couldn’t have done this without their expertise and effortless dedication. Big up!

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